Mother – Blush & Peach Brooch Bouquet

I met this bride at a bridal show where she fell in love with my bouquets. She wanted a bouquet she could keep as a keepsake, but mostly, she wanted her bouquet to be kept in memory of her mother. It was a way for her to have her mother’s presence on her special day.

When we met to design of her bouquets, we first talked about her wedding colors and style. It was going to be a feminine and delicate wedding with vintage influence in blush, peach and silver grey. The colors were inspired by her own mother’s wedding. She was going to wear an ivory lace dress with silver beading at the top. So I suggested to go with a delicate ivory, peach, and blush handmade fabric flower bouquet with silver brooches.

She then took out a bag and told me: « I also have a special request for you ». I was all excited to know what it was! God knows how I loooove challenges! So she took out her mother’s wedding veil and blush hat to add into her bouquet. The veil had a beautiful lace border that I used to wrap around her bouquet handle. It was also going to complement her lace wedding dress. Her mother’s hat also had blush birdcage veil and little peachy and ivory silk flowers with silver sequins on it. I then, suggested to make the base of her bouquets with tulle and add her mother’s birdcage veil into it. I also incorporated some of the sequined flowers all over her bouquet to complete all the dazzling silver brooches. Finally, we added a locket of her mother to complete it all.

lace flowers veil

At delivery, I was pleasantly surprised by their happy tears and after speaking to my bride I know her mother was there for her and made this day trully magical for them.

A special thank you to my bride for her trust and also to Sionis Photo & Video for their lovely pictures!

blush_broochbouquet2 blush_broochbouquetglobal-blush_broochbouquet

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