Let’s be honest, it is truly heartbreaking to spend a considerable amount of money on flowers knowing it will all end up to waste! That is why we came up with an economic and eco-friendly solution allowing you to save up to 70% of purchase price.

Mademoiselles Artsy carefully designed collections of bouquets and accessories made of high quality artificial flowers available for you to rent in a wide variety of colors. Cherish that bold statement piece you have been dreaming about without worrying about budget.

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Lavender - Bouquet Rental - Mlle Artsy


Collection combining a beautiful variety of textures in dusty mauve, lavender, eggplant, indigo and navy.

Lavender - Bouquet Rental - Mlle Artsy

Soft Nature

Soft, nature inspired collection of lush bouquets and accessories in shades of white and champagne.

Rosa - Bouquet Rental - Mlle Artsy


Collection of bouquets and accessories with an abundance of greenery and flowers in rich blush, dusty rose, wine and navy tones.

Lavender - Bouquet Rental - Mlle Artsy

Luscious Blush

Romantic collection of bouquets and accessories in soft white, blush and peach.

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